Challenge to Iprent of the Standard: I’ll debate a team of architects and scientists on the subject of 911.

Today I started a new tread on the second biggest blog in New Zealand the Standard. I commented on the statement made by Noam Chomski. Noam Chomski for years denied the importance of the events of 911 and while he still does not talk about the events he did say that no evidence had been given as to who was actually responsible for the events and that therefore the attack on Afghanistan was illegal. This lead to an interesting interaction and eventually lead to my challenge to Iprent to organise a forum of Architects and Engineers which I would debate on the issue. I hope you will express the need for such a debate at the Standard. Thank you.

According to Wikipedia the gases in a pyroclastic flow can reach up to 1000 °C. This is a “hot” pyroclastic flow and can develop speeds of up to 700 km per hour.

The North tower stood 417m high had 110 floors contained 600.000 tons of concrete and some 200.000 tons of steel. The South tower was more than a 100m taller because of the radio mast.

All of that pulverised within 10 seconds at a speed of a little less than 60 meters per second or 216 km per hour.

According to this table steel does not melt under 1360 °C and Iron takes a whopping 1530 °C to melt. This a photo sample of the billions of iron spheres (not a by product of melting steel by the way) found in the dust of the WTC towers. So my guess is that keeping in mind Newton’s three laws of motion as AC pointed out somewhere a long the line something must have been hot enough to produce these minuscule iron spheres far exceeding pyroclastic temperatures.

Added to that satellite pictures of the WTC site showed that extremely high temperatures persisted under ground for months

Again pointing at the temperatures and the three laws of motion somewhere along the line something must have been extremely energetic. No plane and no amount of Jet fuel could have caused this and in the case of WTC 7 there was no plane and no Jet fuel and that went down at the same speed with the same pulverisation of the building materials.

I put it to you that while the speed may not have been the maximum speed for a pyroclastic flow the temperatures at some stage most certainly were.
We must also keep in mind that the speed was not dictated by an explosion like from a volcano but by an astonishing speedy conversion of solid concrete held together by a steel frame into a pyroclastic flow of dust.

Iprent don’t patronise me it doesn’t look good OK? I know I test your patience from time to time but I support my statements with facts and I truly think that it is an important enough subject even for New Zealand which seems to think on the whole that we are save distance away not to have to worry about anything, to expose myself to ridicule over here.

I’ll tell you what: Invite me over to Wellington and put me up against a team of architects and scientists and I’ll debate them step by step on this subject. And if I win which I’m confident I will you will organise a meeting with every major politician you can get your hands on for me and one other 911 truther of my choice because if 911 was not perpetrated by 19 young Saudi’s who got lucky getting passed the best air defence system in the world then we have a massive problem. Especially since we are soon to be involved in Military exercises with the military of the country in which these events occurred.

If on the other hand I loose (rules will have to be set of course) I will never ever publish on this subject on this blog again.

I’ll publish this challenge on my facebook page too so there can be no misunderstanding here.

Hope to hear from you soon.

2 thoughts on “Challenge to Iprent of the Standard: I’ll debate a team of architects and scientists on the subject of 911.

    • Hi Iprent,

      I couldn’t do it in five days either but I’ve got time. In the mean time I’m happy to once in while use the wonderful open mike column to keep the topic alive.



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