Building what? Take action.

Building what? was what the judge presiding over a court case to force the NY city council to start a new and independent investigation into the events of 911 said.

So if here in Kiwi land you don’t know that a third building collapsed in NY on 911 you are in good company. In fact most NYers are unaware that a 47 floor high rise containing Giuliani’s bunker, CIA head quarters and huge amounts of dossiers pertaining to Wall street corruption collapsed in freefall speed (6.5 seconds to be precise)  in the afternoon of that day. It fell into it’s own footprint after a office fire had been burning in it since that morning. It was not hit by a plane and it was the third of only three steel frame buildings ever to collapse due to carbon fires.

A group of survivors and family members of the people who were murdered that day decided to inform their citizens so that perhaps they can finally get what they want: a New and Independent investigation into what happened on that day.

So if you want for these people to get some justice please take this video and send it around. New Zealand after all lost a person too on that day.

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