New Zealand takes part in war crimes and the biggest holocaust since World War II.

This article was first published on May 4th 2008. I thought I’d publish it again to remind us of the fact that in Afghanistan hundreds of thousands of people are suffering and will be suffering in the next 4/5 billion years of the after effects of Depleted Uranium.

Were is the outrage?!!!!!

While the average New Zealander is still hopelessly stuck in the old fashioned left/right paradigm and bickers away over the most inane subjects on their political blogs the rest of the world is thundering at breakneck speed towards a nuclear Armageddon, famines of Biblical proportions and the collapse of the western Financial System and with it the end of the United States and white Anglo Saxon hegemony.

The final onslaught upon the Middle East will be an all out air strike on the nuclear facilities of Iran.

The almost seven year old war in Afghanistan which was decided upon the day before the events of 911 the United States Reichstag fire that enabled the fascist dictatorship that is the Bush government to wage war on this poor defenceless country is running into serious trouble. More and more troops are needed to keep on suppressing the Afghan people. Almost 2000 tonnes of Depleted Uranium were used to contaminate the entire country; its radioactive dust is causing cancers, leukaemia and monstrous deformities in newborn babies. It will render Afghanistan almost uninhabitable for almost 4.5 billion years. New Zealand soldiers will bring home the atrocity that is radioactive warfare and we will see an increase in the most horrific deformed monstrosities as they will start families because the radioactive dust will kill and deform newborn babies and their parents indiscriminately in all who have been exposed to it.

The war in Afghanistan is not a “good” war. It is as evil a war as there ever was one. This is not a war of liberation and neither is the war in Iraq one of liberation. Both wars are equally evil, genocidal and monstrous in the sheer scope of wilful destruction of entire peoples, cultures and the actual countries. Not many people know in this ignorant little country called New Zealand that over 1.2 million Iraqis have lost their lives and find it acceptable that perhaps 100,000 have been killed. Dumbed down by the corporately owned media and bubble wrapped in their self righteousness about doing their bit the kiwis go about their business oblivious of the horrific reality we helped shape in Afghanistan.

The reality that is depleted uranium babies.

DU baby Afghanistan 1Depleted uranium touted as a wonderful efficient weapon to stop armoured vehicles and tanks instantly thereby minimising casualties on the coalition side is none other than the feared radioactive waste that stopped countries like New Zealand, when it had still an independent media and I knew from the radioactive testing in the pacific atolls in the fifties in the sixties’ to know what radioactive fallout was all about, from developing nuclear energy and or weapons.

DU baby Afghanistan 2

For the last seven years the Afghan people have suffered a nuclear war that has seen more radioactive material dispersed into their atmosphere than the two nuclear bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Depleted uranium has a ½ life of 4.5 billion years and this is the result of contamination with DU.

DU baby Afghanistan 3I don’t know about you but this makes my stomach turn. If you want to learn more about depleted uranium click here. Alternatively Google depleted uranium babies and depleted uranium Afghanistan and learn what New Zealand is involved in.

6 thoughts on “New Zealand takes part in war crimes and the biggest holocaust since World War II.

    • I have been told that it may be but I don’t know. I found this collection of photo’s on a page dedicated to the horror of DU babies in Afghanistan supported by eminent DU activists so I would assume that they would have checked. Is it perhaps possible that this child was born in Afghanistan and could the condition be triggered by DU?

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  3. Hi even,

    I couldn’t agree with you more.
    It is why I run this blog. People here are so unaware. Education comes first

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