I’m in good company: Kevin Bracken

Kevin Bracken

Kevin Bracken

Does this man strike you as a geeky wild eyed conspiracy nutter?

No, I didn’t think so. This is Kevin Bracken, Union leader and high profile Labour activist and he is a courageous man and speaking out like this might very well cost him his career and lifelyhood.

What did he do? He spoke out on OZ talkback radio about the need for a new and independent investigation of the events of 911.

Why, because as a good al round union leader and labour activist he wants a new and open discussion about why OZ actually needs to send soldiers to Afghanistan and as you might recall the reason was to catch a wily old dude responsible for the attacks of 911.

I want the same and because Kevin had the courage to speak  out I feel supported and I reckon I’m in bloody good company.

Good on ya mate. Way to go.

2 thoughts on “I’m in good company: Kevin Bracken

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  2. Not quite –

    Now we are approaching a mainstream call for another inquiry. Which goes to prove – that it is intended to be another cover-up.

    Unless it could somehow be run by the UN or outside of US control.

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