FLIR= Forward Looking Infrared Imaging= 911 truth

A couple of weeks ago NIST (National Institute for Science and Technology) lost a court case. They did not want to release material filmed and shot on 911 but the international Institute for 911 research went to court over a FOIA (freedom of information request) and won. Among others this brought back into the public eye a video shot with a FLIR camera. This is a camera that films infrared waves rather than a “normal” picture and  the lady who shot it just happened to be working at the scene that day.

Now any of you who have had their house checked for humidity problems can vouch for the amazing exact nature of these recordings and in this case is proves something does not add up in the official CT.

The official theory has us believing that the steel in the buildings heated up to the point of buckling thus allowing the two towers to collapse into freefall speed into their own foot print but this video proves without a shadow of doubt that the steel was not even remotely heated up so if the buildings could not have collapsed due to the heating of the internal steel structure than what did?

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