New Zealand officially a Dictatorship!!!!

New Zealand is officially a dictatorship until April 2012 and it’s official face is Gerry Brownlee.

With the earthquake act suspending the rule of the land without and recourse in court New Zealand is now an official dictatorship. That’s how quick it can happen and has happened.

Other blogs have already pointed out what Gerry Brownlee the official muppet could theoretically do.

Here is what his masters will do.

They will create more crisis and keep the NZ population in utter fear such as predicting not just storm but “the biggest storm”, there are terrorists everywere and if you want to demonstrate against the act that’s proof.

This will keep every Pakeha locked up in his home of farm terrified that someone will come and take it all away. They will extract more and more taxes, interest on loans and if you protest brand you a terrorist. If you try to organise as groups they will brand you a terrorist and if you think that the good old “If they come on my land I will shoot the lot of them is going to work thing again , terrorist!!!”

In october they will ram the new search and seizure powers through parliament so you will not be save from police invading your privacy and if you even think of protesting they will call you a terrorist and when they start mining your precious mountains you terrorist, won’t even get out of the door because you see they will have been videoing you so they know what you’re up to and there is a brand spanking private prison that will take care of you.

And if you think that the next election you will be able to vote them out again think again because we can’t have terrorists vote now can we?

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