Wow, my first earthquake and thank god my sister in law’s OK.

This morning 4:30 AM we woke up to the shaking of plates and earth ware on some shelfs in our hallway and my husband told me it was a earthquake. As earthquakes go it seemed a small one and when the trembling stopped we fell back a sleep.

I am subscribed to an internet warning service and thought I’d check out were the quake had happened only to find some 5 earthquakes had happened with the earliest one around 4:30 AM. Since all of them happened in Christchurch the earliest one was predictably the strongest and at 7.4 on the Richterscale we became somewhat anxious as one of my sisters in law and her family live there. They are OK, TG but there is plenty of damage.

What is really amazing though is that we live about 1200 KM’s away from Christchurch so to be woken up by the quake that far away from it’s epicentre is amazing.

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