New and Improved Blogazine

Dear readers,

Some of you who visit this site may have noticed that the activity has diminished and that it has been a while that I posted anything of interest.

This is because I have finally made the plunge and opened an account at in order to professionalise my blogging.

I spend a huge amount of time behind the computer and until now I did so for free. This meant that I had to rely on my better half to support me and I think it’s time this changed.

So in order to hopefully make it a little lighter on him I have decided to include ads in the lay out of my blog.

Added to that I wanted to be able to embed Audio and this is als something that is not allowed on the free WordPress blogs.

So if you want to read my blogazine (Combination of Blog and Magazine) feel free to visit the new and improved version here and if you find anything of interest feel equally free to visit the sites of my advertisers.

The new blog will undoubtedly have some broken links and I will be working on improving the blog in the future but I have started to post my new posts on the new site.

The information on this blog will stay available but the blog itself will not be updated any more.

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