Tory peer Lord Ashcroft finally admits he’s a non-dom

According to the Daily mail a non-Dom is someone who lives in the UK but claims his residence is in another country. Lord Ashcroft denied he was a non-Dom because they cannot take part in the political process and since Lord Ashcroft is both a peer of the realm and the biggest Tory financier he is very much involved in  UK politics. In fact he is very much involved in Anglo-Saxon politics as he has also been visiting John Key on several occasions and has travelled with English politicians to Cuba in order to help facilitate communication. Not only that; he is a shareholder and participant in the Carlyle group whose members also include the Bush family and the bin Ladens.

In order to qualify for participation in UK politics and to be able to take place in the house of Lords one has to officially reside in the UK and pay taxes on your earnings. Lord Ashcroft claimed that he was doing so but when ordered to provide proof he had to come clean and it turns out that he has not paid a single dime to the UK tax man.

While this does not surprise many his status as the biggest financier of the Tories and his involvement on the highest level of government begs the question as to why the Tories and our own PM want to have anything to do with a lying. tax dodging, sleazebag such as “Lord” Ashcroft.

I can only come up with one answer: They are all made of the same clay. They are all lying, tax dodging sleazebags.

Not only that he, when found out, had the audacity to say he would pay his taxes but only if the Tories win the next election.

Tell you what why don’t we stop paying our taxes and tell the bloody arrogant lot that we will start paying again when they have been replaced by a revolutionary interim government of “we the people” and only when all of them have been meeting with the Guillotine and the bankers (including “Lord” Ashcroft) can no longer parasite on what “we the people” slog for everyday of our lives.

And no, I’m to principally against tax but when it just disappears into the pockets of a bunch of rich prick banksters instead of paying for schools, roads and stuff that we really need such as hospitals and social support for the weakest amongst us I get very, very pissed off.


Tory peer Lord Ashcroft faced calls to quit the Lords today after finally admitting he is still a ‘non-dom’ for tax purposes.

The Tory deputy chairman was branded a ‘tax dodger’ and accused of being ‘unpatriotic’ after ending months of speculation by coming clean about his tax status.

The billionaire businessman, who is also the Tory party’s biggest donor, denied that paying tax in the UK was a condition when he was handed a peerage in 2000.

But he said he would pay tax here on all his earnings if the Conservatives win the next election.

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