Our green clean image only counts for something if we get tourists or why our Nature reserves will be mined.

While bloggers around the NZ blogosphere rail against the oh, so predictable privatisation (excellent article, hattip to the Standard) of the National parks so that international corporations can rape and pillage them, leaving New Zealand with nothing but environmental disasters and hardly any monetary gain it pays to point out that one argument namely our green clean tourist image will suffer if this happens is only worth something if there is a tourist market.

The fact that no blog seems to doubt that there will be one in the next say ten years is what is really shocking to me.

It seems that New Zealanders have absolutely no idea of what is really going on in the rest of the world and how that will effect our tourism industry but when it finally dawns on the naive New Zealand population all that is left is the destruction of our pristine wildernesses in order to satisfy the international banking and mining worlds hunger for whatever we have left as NZ’s assets. and the one leading the attack will be their local boy John Key.

So for those of you who ant to learn here are some links to the real world out there.

Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Soros and the Euro. Just to mention a few disasters in progress.

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