Afghanistan bans coverage of attacks, will detain offending journalists

Brilliant. As predicted it isn’t going very well in Marjah. The Taliban Afghani resistance (Only hit this link if you want to know what the Afghanis resistance has to say about what is really going on in Afghanistan) as was also predicted wasn’t going to take the destruction ( a la Fallujah) of one of their oldest cities laying down.

No empire ever won in Afghanistan and they’re not going to win this time either.  No matter how calm our Rambos stay ( I wonder if Apiata got “how to appear calm in front of a camera” training during his media training) in the face of danger (FFS does anyone really write this shit?).

So in order to help our Prime minister being open about what NZ is doing in Afghanistan without having to tell us anything the Afghani government has come up with what every corrupt, deviant and propped up regime the US has ever supported: it has put out an edict to stop reporters from reporting whatever the hell we are doing over there.

“Afghanistan announced a ban on news coverage of Taliban strikes on Monday, saying such coverage only emboldened the Islamist militants, whose latest strikes killed six in the southern city of Kandahar,” Reuters reports.

Journalists will only be allowed to cover the aftermath of Taliban attacks with permission from the National Directorate of Security (NDS) spy agency, the agency said. It threatened to detain journalists who film attacks without permission and confiscate their equipment.

“Live coverage does not benefit the government, but benefits the enemies of Afghanistan,” NDS spokesman Saeed Ansari said. The agency summoned a group of reporters to announce the ban.

No filming will be permitted while attacks are under way, and live broadcasts will be banned even from a distance, Ansari said.

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2 thoughts on “Afghanistan bans coverage of attacks, will detain offending journalists

  1. Thanks Trav for the post about “news coverage”, there really has not been any news coverage from Marjah, only US and Afghani press releases, no video except for canned propaganda.

    There’s some hope here in the U.S. The March 20 March on Washington to End the War(s) will be taking place. Demonstrations in other cities are being organized also. You can read about some of it on my blog, just scroll down the pages. Here’s today’s blog headline. Finally, some exposure in Congress:

    CongressMember Kucinich Calls for Vote to End the War, to be introduced March 4, vote on March 10

    In Peace, John

    • Cheers John,

      Thanks for reading my blog and finding it useful.

      Peace to you too


      Just checked your blog. I’ll add it to my blogroll

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