John Key wants to make a bank out of New Zealand

It makes perfect sense really. John Key is a banker and he  is making a mess of New Zealand for anybody other than his rich prick friends and mining and banking buddies. If I were him I would try to go back to something I knew something about too.

So why not make all of New Zealand into a bank? Not a sensible bank loaning to small people like you and me to start new and much needed small businesses that need people and communities to survive but one big giant fraudulent investment bank to speculate and gamble with the derivatives his former employer Merrill Lynch started to develop while he was running the departments for oh oops, Forex and derivatives and bonds?

And what can we expect our smiling assassin to gamble with? Pension funds!!!!!

That is that bit of small money little people all over the world have invested in…. you guessed it, save investments such as derivatives and the like.

But.. but you say he only wants to manage the funds not speculate with them. See this is what banks always do at first. To get their hands on some dosh to gamble with they tell the naive punter, “why don’t you let us manage your money? We know money and you don’t and we will make it grow.”

So the mug gives his dosh to the bankster and the bankster puts it on his books. Bingo, as a bank he only needs to have a certain amount in actual reserve so any dollar you give him will automatically mean $ 10.- or more dollars in him greedy grubby little mind and that he invests in derivatives. Yahoo, the sky is the limit as Slippery John and his mates well know. After all you don’t get 50 million smackeroonies by merely investing money wisely.

Getting nervous yet? If you ain’t you haven’t been paying attention.

The good news is that when he says it is still very much in its infancy he means he’s been talking about it around the barbie with some of his rich prick mates while sipping that nice $ 1000.- whiskey one of his mining buddies send him after he had the National party tighten up that nature reserve to make it accessible for mining or was that the Cognac he bought with the money he got for those Uranium mining shares (what the hell is a PM of a Nuclear free country doing with uranium mine shares anyway? And while we’re at it; Afghanistan is being polluted and contaminated with depleted uranium for the next 45 billion years as we speak so does that also implicate John Key as taking part in a genocidal illegal war of aggression? It is after all the product dug up in the mines he partly owns as a share holder) he had to sell after he was caught once again at having a tiny wee bit of a conflict of interest while owning shares of a business he was trying to boost?

So if the opposition has any idea what might be good for them they will fight like hell not to let it happen.

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