Jeanette Fitzsimons and 911. Thank you for your courage.

Dear Jeanette,

We only spoke once and we e-mailed a couple of times. But we did so about one of the subjects closest to my heart.

We communicated over the many unexplained occurrences on 9/11. The day that changed the world and it became clear that like me you had many unanswered questions about that day. In fact you had the courage to put your name under an international petition of politicians who want a new and independent investigation into the events of that day.

In fact you’ll be happy to know that Richard Gage AIA whom you met when he was in Wellington in October last year now has 1020 and counting registered Architects and Engineers supporting his petition for a new and independent investigation.

Now that you have announced you departure from NZ politics you will at first I know want to spend time with your family and on your farm were you like me have wwoofers who help you to build a sustainable environment.

But and this is a big but I hope that with your sense of justice and integrity you will eventually come out of retirement and help us to bring 9/11 to a bigger audience because when in 1.5 years the 10th anniversary of that horrific event will be remembered by all of those who lost loved ones on that day we need to remind everyone we can reach that millions of people died or had to flee or were wounded in the aftermath and that we still very much live with the results of that day.

You like all of us who are courageous enough to ask the questions are very much needed to keep that event in the forefront of our consciousness so that when the time comes to confront the criminals who did this we will be strong and with many.

Thank you so much for your service to this country and have a good time out there in Coromandel and read up on all the books you never had time to read (I recommend the series of David Ray Griffin for the most comprehensive information you will ever hope to find on 911) and I hope to meet you in the future as a private and concerned citizen coming  in our struggle  for justice for those who lost their lives in the attacks and for those who died and lost loved ones in the aftermath.

The kindest and most respectful regards


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