Day of judgement? £250,000 ring of steel for Tony Blair’s grilling

Will Tony Blair the Greedy finally be exposed for what he is: an unmitigated war criminal who lied his country to war with Iraq knowing full well he was? I hope so but to be honest I won’t hold my breath.

Taxpayers face a £250,000 security bill to protect Tony Blair from attack at the Iraq Inquiry.

Intelligence officers have picked up ‘domestic chatter’ suggesting his appearance warrants a high state of alert.

Thousands of anti-war protesters are expected to form a gauntlet of hate for the former Prime Minister on Friday as he attempts to justify Britain’s involvement in the controversial conflict.

He is also a target for Muslim extremists raging at his decision to invade Iraq.

Mr Blair’s six-hour appearance before the Chilcot Inquiry is being described as his ‘Judgment Day’ for sending British forces to topple Saddam Hussein, which cost the lives of 179 troops.

Demonstrators will be met by police road blocks, exclusion zones, armed officers and rooftop surveillance teams. The operation will cost at least £150,000 and could reach £250,000 depending on the number of protesters.

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