Willy Apiata has had intensive media training? The MSM’s propaganda machine is in full swing

Let me make one thing clear: I don’t doubt Willy Apiata’s personal courage and integrity. The man has shown his metal when he dragged out a wounded man while on fire and as such he has my respect. I would probably have shat myself.

But as you know I have predicted that with the first man down we would go in full swing for King and Country mode.

It seems however that the powers that be have decided not to wait for that to happen and why would they with brave men such as Willy Apiata at hand to do their bidding?

What’s more the pressure is on with the disturbing facts about the Crusade nature of the conquests coming out. It turns out Willy and his fellow heroes target their prey with “Jesus” guns and the rest of the world is shocked by it’s implications.

The war in Afghanistan is lost and countries are starting to pull out because their populations are starting to wake up to the fraud that is the the US Empire.

And most of all the world is beginning to see how wretchedly unjust the military interventions of the Empire are and want to get out of it’s many illegal enterprises.

So what better than to exploit all those local heroes. If you have dead soldiers you make their homecoming into a giant propaganda event, if you have angry Muslims you give them ample space so you can pit one against each other, if you have no heroes or worse it turns out that you went to war without a proper mandate rendering the whole bloody enterprise illegal you plaster your front pages with news about another tragic event and organise a marathon donation event in which even the war crime prime minister and the most anti Muslim warmongering thug take a seat.

Shit, you can even make your murdering scheming spooks look like heroes if you frame it well enough

Another good one is to revive the Nemesis against whom all of us are supposed to fight and if you can’t get him in the bod you just get his son to tell us some stories about how bad and crazy a father he was.

And in New Zealand you plaster impressive photo’s of our own home grown Rambo on the front pages.

You don’t just plaster him all over the front pages you train him first of course. it appears it only cost you $ 35.000 to get you local hero to deal “professionally” with the press. Good thing they did that before he “accidentally” got caught doing his heroes duty eh?

Apiata our own homegrown Rambo

I mean doesn’t he look superb with his waving manes, hot gear and piercing eyes. Hell, with a bit of luck you can even get rid of all those other Maori warriors who are now biting your ass over your land grabs when they see how volunteering in the white man’s army can get you a heroes welcome with lot’s of Mana.

And wahey, you might even get to do your little indigenous thing in front of the white man’s Kingi to be: King Billy or is that Willy.

And if it all goes pear shaped because, like Pat Tillman, Willy wakes up to the truth you can rely on Blackwater/Xe to take him out and then you have a Hero’s body to bring home.

2 thoughts on “Willy Apiata has had intensive media training? The MSM’s propaganda machine is in full swing

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