The Crusades revisited and why we should get the hell out of Afghanistan

A couple of days ago a curious news item appeared. It turns out that for years the US arms industry has sold arms and parts with codes identifying them taken out of the new Testament. Now that in and of itself should  of course be reason enough if you didn’t already do that for other reasons to ask why the hell we are fighting in Muslim Countries in the first place.

If the illegality of the mass murder in Iraq and Afghanistan did not repel you then surely codes such as JN8:12 which means John 8:12, on gun sights and in the bible reads, “Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” should make you want to puke and get the hell out of those countries we are currently polluting with D.U., Tungsten, and other heavy metals and chemicals while shooting their citizens with guns “blessed” with bible quotes in code. 

But no, while the codes are deemed “inappropriate” and they would be removed (how?) the real big issue: why we are involved in a war so clearly based on religious fanaticism and lies will continue and the NZ SAS will be kept there to shoot tribal warriors trying to liberate their country and protect their families in the name of God and King Willy the Balding.

For shame!

In the mean time Tiger Woods is trying to get over his sex addiction. Another one of those things good Christians should not indulge in.

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