No Mister! you cannot share my pain!

When I grew up I heard about the Tomtom Macout, the hideously cruel machete wielding secret police of Papa Doc and later of Baby Doc. The US supported despots of Haiti. I heard about the callous murders and torture of these thugs and the fear the instilled in the local population. I was young and at the time not very interested in a little Island in the Caribbean.

I did not even pick up on the CIA orchestrated hijacking of the democratically elected president Aristide and his wife and the invasion of American Marines who once again returned Haiti to the dark ages of de facto slavery and colonial rape and pillage of their resources.

The financial “assistance” disappearing for 80% into the pockets of the ruling elite and now after decennia of cruel colonial rule and extreme poverty caused by the “Free trade” plunder and destruction of their agriculture and rainforest Haiti is once again in the public eye. I dare say we should be ashamed of our ignorance and our convenient blindness to what the western world has done to the people of Haiti.

Let’s start by calling on the WB, IMF and other assorted banking parasites to cancel the debt of these people immediately. It is after all only  $ 890 million. Peanuts compared to the billions the US gave to the bankers to save their asses.

In the mean time this is how they feel about our assistance:


If you shared my pain you would not continue to make me suffer, to torture me, to deny me my dignity and my rights, especially my rights to self-determination and self-expression.

Six years ago you sent your Ambassador Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to perform an action illegal under the laws of your country, my country and of the international community of nations.

One of the survivors of Tuesday’s devastating earthquake in Haiti.

One of the survivors of Tuesday’s devastating earthquake in Haiti.


It was an act so outrageous, so bestially vile and wicked that your journalists and news agencies, your diplomats and politicians to this day cannot bring themselves to truthfully describe or own up to the crime that was committed when US Ambassador James Foley, a career diplomat, arrived at the house of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide with a bunch of CIA thugs and US Marines to kidnap the president of Haiti and his wife.

The Aristides were stowed aboard a CIA plane normally used for ‘renditions’ of suspected terrorists to the worldwide US gulag of dungeons and torture chambers.

The plane, on which the Aristides are listed as “cargo”, flew to Antigua – an hour away – and remained on the ground in Antigua while Colin Powell’s State Department and the CIA tried to blackmail and bribe various African countries to accept (“give asylum to”) the kidnapped president and his wife.

The Central African Republic – one of George W Bush’s ‘Dark Corners of the World’ – agreed for an undisclosed sum, to give the Aristides temporary asylum.

Before any credible plot can be designed and paid for – for the disappearance of the Aristides – they are rescued by friends, flown to temporary asylum in Jamaica where the Government cravenly yielded to the blackmail of Condoleezza Rice to deny them the permanent asylum to which they were entitled and which most Jamaicans had hoped for.

Meanwhile, in Haiti, the US Marines protected an undisciplined ragbag of rapists and murderers to allow them entry to the capital. The Marines chased the medical students out of the new Medical School established by Aristide with Cuban help and teachers. The Marines bivouac in the school, going out on nightly raids, trailed by fleets of ambulances with body bags, hunting down Fanmi Lavalas activists described as ‘chimeres’ – terrorists.

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