Right in the crown jewels, says it all really.

The original title of the article was: Right in the crown jewels. It referred to a Rugby ball kicked into the royal groin. That and the fact that the press had to provide placards to bystanders about how New Zealand loves the scion of the UK royal family says it all really. New Zealand is not very interested in the King to be.

Now before I get irate telephone calls from people who since I’m Dutch think I should not comment on the validity of the British Royal family and their spoiled offspring let me declare that I hold no truck with any Royal family. Not the English nor the Dutch. They are, to me, remnants of an age that for all intends and purposes should be abolished. What’s more these families which are presented to us as mere figureheads and painted as powerless are in fact still very much in control via their vast holdings and little elite clubs.

So good for the young man for kicking the ball into the royal groin and good for NZ for not going for the hype that was the press exercise for Prince Billy and let’s go for the Republic I say.

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