Murder attempt on the high seas and where are the Palestinian tennis players indeed

I had the honour of meeting both Andy Gill skipper Pete and Sea Sheppard leader Paul Watson some time ago.

Pete when he sailed the then called Earthrace around the North Island and I was privileged to be present with the blessing of the vessel in Raglan harbour and to have a climb (it was all very claustrophobic) around inside.

And Paul when he visited Raglan and made his powerful presentation for a ban on whaling in the old School in Raglan.

I have been following their efforts to save the planet and fight against big money and greed since then and when they teamed up I was so proud to have met them. I felt part of what they are trying to achieve and to be honest I’m not surprised the Whalers rammed the Andy Gill.

The ship was an Icon already and would have been even more so if it was allowed to interfere with their gruesome work. What makes it so sad though is that I am equally unsurprised at the way the NZ government has chosen to “not” react. Rather than stand by its own citizens no matter what their ideas they knee jerked into stating that if you protest you can expect to be murdered by the people you protest or arrested of course in the case of those brave souls protesting the shameful admittance of Israeli tennis star to a New Zealand tennis event.

In the mindset of the ruling white middle aged Pakeha elite it is OK to commit mass murder and eco-crimes and protesting those crimes is not.

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