Oh Oops, Yemen is the true home of Al-Qaeda and yes it has oil too

Not that you would know from our mainstream media but the last few months they bombed the shit out of Yemen. Who? Saudi Arabia and the US of course. Why? Well according to the Telegraph Yemen is actually the real and true home of al-Qaeda and we know this in hind sight because?

Well it seems that “the” spiritual leader of al-Qaeda now miraculously exposed as being truly based in Yemen send a Nigerian kid, the son of a wealthy banker no less with 80 grams of high tech. exposives hidden under his genitals and no passport to blow up a plane over Detroit on Christmas day. Confused?

Weren’t we told that Afghanistan was the home of al-Qaeda like Euuh, 9 years ago when another spiritual leader send 19 Saudi hijackers to attack the Twin Towers and the Pentagon?

And while we’re at it weren’t we told that we had to fight them over there so we didn’t have to fight them on the streets of America and if we were real friends of the US we had to send troops to help them and after that didn’t we have to fight Saddam Hussein  because he had weapons of mass destruction and could flatten the UK in thirty minutes or so?

Oh wait a minute, Yemen is chocker block with oil now why am I not surprised.

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