How can a black Muslim man without a passport board a plane with explosives?

Just so you know I don’t have a problem with black Muslim men but the rest of the world does.

Especially since 19 Muslims guided by a madman were able to hijack four planes and collapse three buildings into a pyroclastic dust by ramming two of them in the twin towers collapsing a third in the late afternoon. And all this with only a couple of box cutters.

Ever since that event travelling by air has been a check in nightmare. ID yourself at every corner and please leave your bloody water bottle here. Oh and by the way  no toothpaste or nail clippers allowed either.

So tell me how on one of the most secure airports in the world (trust me I know, I travelled from there many times and there is no way you can board a plane without showing your passport and boarding pass at least three times to military armed police and armed guards) a black Muslim man registered on an anti terrorist list and refused entry to the UK a year before can board a plane without a passport and with explosives hidden under his clothes?

I predict based on this incident that we will have X-ray machines scanning our naked bodies for hidden objects will be installed around the world and that includes new Zealand. Another win for the NWO.

And yet out of the blue one black Muslim man on Christma

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