What upsets me and happy midsummer from New Zealand

I have been working on my small holding the last couple of weeks with some wonderful Wwoofers (willing workers on organic farms) in order to get all my veggies planted and preparations made for hothouses etc.

It doesn’t mean I don’t read the daily sources of news I have come to trust above the MSM but time is a bit short.

I also doesn’t mean I don’t get upset anymore because I do.

Tomorrow everybody will celebrate x-mas except perhaps for me and my husband.

I just celebrated the longest day of the year and the harvest of the garlic. We, as you probably know, live in New Zealand and here it is midsummer emphasizing the ludicrousness of celebrating the birth of the new king, heralding the return of the sun and the summer while we are in the midst of it.

I thought that in order to keep your mind thoroughly focused on things of real importance while you are trying to survive another tense x-mas with the family it would be prudent to keep you posted on the most glaring issues we should keep in mind while wishing peace on the world while our countries armies are destroying that same peace around the world.

So here are some of the things which really upset me:

How come we can allow a man to walk free who lied to get us to go to war and who now that his lies are exposed he actually confesses on prime time television that he would have gone to war regardless?

How come a man who who has been telling us that CO2 is a danger to all of us has become a billionaire in the last 10 years selling us the right to go on producing CO2 even though his statements at the Copenhagen summit are exposed as lies?

How come we are still letting the bastards who started the wars in Afghanistan and Iran get away with it and why are we letting them whip us up in a frenzy to go to war with Iran next with their inane and ridiculous war propaganda?

And why do those 911 heroes still have to suffer while all the money goes to these wars?

Listen to what Mike has to say about the wars and the rich pricks who are getting even more rich of it:

Think of these things as you eat your turkey or your venison or if like me you live in NZ your barbied food. Me I’m putting the still on this afternoon and ,together with my husband and four wwoofers, intend to spend the day mildly bubble wrapped watching the LOTR trillogy on TV while waiting for the perfect smoke baked chicken and veggies from the smoke oven.

May peace be with you where ever you are.

Salaam, shalom, peace.

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