2 thoughts on “I’m in good company: Your average Joe, angry American.

  1. Can you please explain why you are not a fan of Ron Paul? I would like to know why as personally he seems like a good thing with wanting to reform the money system.

    • Hi there,

      Sorry for the delay. I only just found your comment.

      I think that of all the candidates both Ron Paul and Kuchinich are the two most honest and straight forward candidates.
      I think that Ron Paul is an upfront, honest and al round cool human being who is not corrupted by the big bucks and as such deserves our respect.
      I also think that his struggle against the “Federal” Reserve is heroic and thus deserves all our support.

      I should have been more clear and in that some of Ron Paul’s “free market” policies and not Ron Paul as a person are not to my liking. For this I appologise.
      I believe that the “free market” is a fallacy.
      A free market tempered by compassion and a sense of community and sharing and not one dictated by profit is what I believe will make our society human and livable.

      I hope this helps.

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