Today a Global Climate Change Special or how to rip of the world some more by the GLobal banksters

No wonder John Key doesn’t want to be seen anywhere near the Copenhagen CC conference. He would be the only known bankster there and likely to be strung up by the highest CO2 absorbing tree when they would all start to put two and two together. So today I thought I’d bring some CCCC  truth home and perhaps we can find a tree hight enough to do it over here.

With the appearance of more or less the same story in every major media outlet the ramp up to Copenhagen began: The Apocalypse begineth!

And it’s going to be expensive: To neutralize your farts and breathing you are going to have to pay Tax. Carbon tax to be precise, except we won’t call ti that we will call it Carbon Credits and whatdayaknow, Big Oil helped him achieve bliss for all of us by selling us oil and carbon credits to redress the imbalance caused by our reckless use of fossil fuel. Ain’t that grand.

Al Gore was kind enough to start selling them and although it also made him a rich man he singlehandedly is saving us from our own emissions by personally collecting the money we spend on keeping us CO2 neutral.

And also we were told in order to be nice to the developing countries and to give them a fighting chance and also because compared to the developed countries they emit fuck all CO2 we would be for their emissions.

For us Kiwi’s that would be a mere 30 million and let’s face it some of us win more than that in a lottery.

It turns out that the money we were told we’d have to pay will be used not to give those countries a fighting chance but to cull the UN and terrorize those developing countries into accepting all kinds of limitations if and when they want to receive some of that money.

You see the money would go to the World bank (remember Wolfowitch), we would ditch the Kyoto protocol and sideline the UN and generally hand over authority to the international banking elite according to a leaked draft of the planned Copenhagen climate agreement. Yep, all but signed sealed and delivered.  Needless to say that the representatives of those developed countries are not happy.

Also what would be in it for us? We give 30 million to the WB and are they going to tell us what we can and cannot do too? Well, the EPS is poised to declare CO2 a public danger and this will give Obama authority to single handedly decide who, what, where can produce CO2. That is the gas you breath out every time you breath.

Are you happy with John Key’s former colleagues deciding whether you can breath or not while they subsidize their rich buddies with our money.

What is more it seems that some countries think it’s perfectly OK to change weather patterns to suit themselves without regard as to what it does to the rest of us and I don’t know about you but I would like to see this addressed in a “Climate” conference. Especially with all the bigwigs together in one spot.

What makes all of this even more cynical is the fact that the Guru of Obama’s Environment czar John P. Holden, Harrison Brown in 1954 thought that to burn lots of coal in order to expand the amount of CO2 in the air would be a good idea because it would double the speed of growth in trees and vegetables and other plants.

Not only that in Aspen the increase in growth of trees is actually linked to the increase of CO2.

Now I’m not claiming to understand the workings of our ecosystems as I’m only one simple human being but I do know about leaders, politics and corruption our own double Dipton English and and the National party top dogs being a case in point and I know that if they can get a way with putting more of our hard earned cash in their own pockets they will and I can smell a scam from a mile away.

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