Erik Prince, head of US security firm Blackwater, ‘was CIA operative’

Ok, this dude is a billionaire, owns his own private army which used to go by the name of Blackwater and has been renamed Xe (No doubt because it is run by a Xenophobe) and he has been involved in some of the most notorious events in Iraq that we know of.

His name is Erik Prince and I have about three years ago made the case that since all you need is a crazy rich guy with a private army to pull a stunt such as the controlled demolition of the three WTC buildings.

I was known that as early as 2001 this guy had free access to the CIA headquarters so it should come as no surpirse that he actualy was a CIA asset but then so was Osama bin Laden.

Am I alone or does that make you unconfortable too?

In public he was the lean and ruthless face of American military outsourcing in Iraq. Erik Prince, as founder of the Blackwater security company, packed a mobile phone on one hip and a handgun on the other as he flew in and out of the world’s troublespots co-ordinating protection teams for American VIPs — and handling the backlash when his employees were accused of shooting dead 17 Iraqi civilians at a Baghdad crossroads in 2007.

In private, he was a CIA operative, with his own file as a “vetted asset” at the agency’s headquarters, and a mission to build “a unilateral, unattributable capability” to hunt down and kill al-Qaeda militants for the US Government wherever they could be found.

These claims, made by Mr Prince and supported by others who knew of his activities, form part of a potentially explosive investigation into the life of America’s best-known mercenary.

Mr Prince, aside from his work in Iraq, set up America’s closest forward operating base to the Pakistani border in Afghanistan, and helped to train a CIA assassination team that hunted an alleged senior al-Qaeda financier in Germany, and included A. Q. Khan, a Pakistani nuclear scientist, on its list of targets, according to Vanity Fair magazine.

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One thought on “Erik Prince, head of US security firm Blackwater, ‘was CIA operative’

  1. Pakistan truly is at a cross-way right now, and it is high time we charge forward with our heads held high. We have seen enough death for anyone to tell us to do more, and we realize our shortcomings. We have heard plenty of mothers crying and observed too many fathers burying their sons for us to wait and see what happens next. Tomorrow is another day, another start; it is up to us what we make of it. Those who threaten the very essence of our survival do not have the control over our decisions. Now is not the time to settle our political or religious differences, but rather the time to work and make Pakistan a better place.

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