30.000 new troops and that’s only the US, the propaganda machine in the UK is in full swing and how many do we have to sacrifice

“Soldiers Are Just Dumb, Stupid Animals…to be used” as pawns of foreign policy. Henry Kissinger

Obama elected by the US population because he promised the end of the wars has just committed 30.000 more poor saps to the meat grinder in Afghanistan but he promises them something to look forward to; in 2012 he will attempt to with draw them!

But that is only the USA. Will we have to send more brave young men too?

Well let me put it this way, in England that propaganda machine is in full swing, cynically using the pregnant widows and children of those brave enough to stick their neck out to propagandise this horrific and illegal war of conquest and our own MP made a big fuss over the funeral of a man who while no doubt a brave man and and good father died in what was merely a sad accident while cleaning up ordnance in New Zealand which spells major patriotic drama when the first body bag comes home.

So here’s what I predict: within a month if that, something will happen with some of our troops and like in England we’ll see their feats of bravery plastered all over the newspapers with patriotic banners on how we have to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here, and while their at it they’ll find evidence of Muslim extremism in one of the few Mosque’s scaring the shit out of the dumb Kiwi’s and whahey more idiots will volunteer or be volunteered to assist out big brother in killing of more Afghani’s Taliban.

Mark these words!

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