What’s next?

After the last few weeks of intense 911 truth activities with the high light of Richard Gage’s presentations in Wellington and Auckland I needed a couple of days of rest and quiet meditation.

But most of all I needed to think about what’s next. More than 750 people in Wellington alone wanted to hear Richard’s presentation and apart from two sad cases all of those were convinced that all was not as we were told but what does that mean?

If the three towers have been brought down by a controlled demolition and not by two planes hijacked by 8 hijackers than who did it and how to confront those in power in order to find out?

In order to understand what we are headed for perhaps this series of video’s made of a confrontation with one of the 9/11 commission members in America is an example of what we are headed for and what we need to engage in.

And Yes I mean in New Zealand too.

We are change Los Angeles confronts senator Kerrey about  him being part of the 9/11 commission:


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