Out with the old and in with the new: More remote control for the State in the UK

Just imagine you would be able to precisely monitor the use of energy in every single home or apartment. Not only that, you would be able to see on what and when the energy was used.

How interesting would that be. You could see if people were using their energy wasteful or frugal. You could see if they were using unusual gadgets on unusual times, when they used their computers whether the kept u usual hours perhaps even that they used electricity to grow dope. Yep it would be a wealth of information and it’s going to happen in the UK.

Every British home is to be issued with a ‘smart’ meter which calculates how much gas or electricity is used each time an appliance is switched on.

Families will also know how much they are spending minute-by-minute.

Details will be announced by the Energy Secretary Ed Miliband this week.

Old-style meters will be ripped out and replaced with the gadgets, which can be programmed to turn appliances on and off to take advantage of off-peak rates.

electric meterOut with the old: Older-style electric meters will be phased out to make way for new ‘smart’ meters

Fridges and freezers could be turned off at peak times to save power – but will automatically be switched back on if the temperature inside rises too high.

The utility companies will pay for the £7billion installation programme, though much of the cost is expected to be recouped later from customers.

Mobile phone technology will be used to transmit information on each family’s energy consumption to a central ‘hub’.

The system, to be introduced over the next ten years, will allow power companies to read meters remotely and mean the end of estimated bills.



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