Climategate: The debate clearly is not over but we pay Carbon tax anyway.

A major scandal broke this week. You wouldn’t know it of course what with the Maori party once again selling their soul to National and the new “let’s bail out the polluters over the backs of the taxpayers ETS law” but with the leaking of emails from Climate Change scientists which show clearly that they have been engaging in unsound science to say the least it has become clear that the debate on climate change is not over.

What is more the emails show a clear disregard for the truth and they show that several high profile climate change scientists have engaged in fraud and smear campaign with regards to their more sceptic colleagues. In fact a programmer who helped program the computer program which was used to test weather models has in the code expressed his concern for the dubious results the program would generate.

In fact it seems even NIWA is engaged in massaging the scientific data to match the required result.

tsmithfield who made a comment on The Standard blog gives a succinct list of the behaviour that is emerging:

What is emerging is an orchestrated effort to:

1. Manipulate and distort data that the authors consider poor or conflicting with their hypothesis.
2. Wilfully conceal or destroy data to prevent it being analysed by other researchers.
3. Manipulate computer code by including arbitrary factors to force the programs to produce the desired results.
4. Attempt to force out editors of journals considered to be too accomodating to scientists with opposing points of view; as one of the articles points out, a number of the editors referred to have subsequently resigned from their positions. As pointed out, the scientists who have been trying to manipulate the freedom of journals to publish what they see fit are the very same scientists who have criticised their opponents for not producing enough published work!

But while this might not reflect well on the scientists professional behaviour we would do well to remember what this “Science” is used for.

Just this weekend a law was passed which will see New Zealanders (and citizens world wide) forced to pay for their carbon emissions since it is the carbon emissions which are widely blamed for the “climate changes”.

Not only that, we will be forced to subsidise big companies so they can continue their carbon emissions while we pay for the Carbon credits and to top it all of we will pay for these carbon credits to rich banks and in fact you could say that we are paying tax because we have the audacity to breath CO2 out.

I don’t know about you but if scientists have been lying about climate change and people like Al Gore have been making hundreds of millions of dollars out of the faux science of Climate change doesn’t that make you fell like you have been had and shouldn’t we reinvestigate what these scientists have been telling us and should we not at least have a discussion between the pro and contra climate change scientists?




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