Obama Says He Intends to ‘Finish the Job’ in Afghanistan

Excuse me? What job would that be. Getting the troops out ASAP as per promised on the campaign trail? Ah no, Mr Obama is going to send 34.000 more troops into the Quagmire that is Afghanistan.

I guess that mean he is going to try and kill all the Afghanistan people because that is what he will have to do if he want to stop them fighting his troops. And all that while he just won the Nobel price for peace.

WASHINGTON — President Obama said on Tuesday that he will announce his decision on how many more troops to send to Afghanistan next week, and that it is his intention to “finish the job” that began with the overthrow of the Taliban government in the fall of 2001.

Mr. Obama, offering a tantalizing preview of what looms as one of the momentous decisions of his presidency, said he would tell the American people about “a comprehensive strategy” embracing civilian and diplomatic efforts as well as the continuing military campaign.

While he avoided any hints of the new troop levels he foresees in Afghanistan, the president signaled that he will not be talking about a short-term commitment but rather an effort muscular enough to “dismantle and degrade” the enemy and ensure that “Al Qaeda and its extremist allies cannot operate” in the region.

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