Open letter to Kim Hill

Dear Kim,

I only just heard your interview with Richard Gage AIA and I want to thank you.

As I travelled to Wellington on Friday I prepared for a possibly under visited event in te Papa museum.
I was finally going to meet one of my heroes in the 9/11 truth movement and I was looking forward to that but I was also realistic and the total media silence on anybody who questions the official conspiracy theory is well documented and I know full well that we are fighting an uphill struggle.

But then there was you!

Last year you interviewed David Ray Griffin and Saturday you had Richard Gage AIA on your show. Awesome.

I did not hear the interview on that morning but I saw what it did for the 9/11 event in the Papa and it was amazing. Thanks to your interview we had so many people wanting to hear the presentation from the horses mouth that we had to turn people away. In fact with over 600 people (300 in the Sounding theatre and another in the Oceania room) it was the most visited ever presentation Richard gage ever made!

What is more, we are now organising an event in Hamilton and Auckland activists have booked the Trades Hall, Grey Lynn to accommodate another presentation by Richard Gage.

Which goes to show Kim that there are more and more people world wide (the film Zero was watched by more than 20 million people when it aired in Russia for example) who have questions about the events of that day 9/11c and every bit of publicity even your appallingly rude and unprofessional interview technique did nothing to dissuade more and more people to investigate for themselves what actually did take place on that fateful day.

So for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As a final remark I would like to ask you a question: If what we are saying is so easily repudiated than how come that no public TV sender has ever had the courage to show for example  “Zero” and encourage a public discourse over the events of that day and why did you not support the new and independent investigation Richard Gage and every 9/11 truther seeks?

We may have some more activists come over in the next couple of years and I sincerely hope that you will interview them as well and I tell you what your can do it anyway you like because clearly people listen to your show and they want to know.

Kind and grateful regards,



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