Who would have thought? Little old New Zealand.

I’m proud of you.

After the dismal interview with Kim Hill 750 people turned up to hear what Richard Gage really had to say. We only had place for 300 but te Papa installed a screen in the Oceania room to accomodate another 300 people and we “only” had to turn a 150 peope away.

50% came to hear Richard because the were sceptical or unsure but our of those 150 (I don’t have the figures for the upstairs room yet) only 3 remained unconvinced.

This was the most visited presentation Richard Gage has ever done. Little old New Zealand, awesome.

You have another chance to meet with this man in Auckland on the 30th of November.

Be there! Especially the sceptics.

Oh, and a big thanks to Gosman, whom I have to say showed himself for the coward he is by not showing up, did arouse massive interest with his hate campaign against Janette Fitzsimmons online.

Cheers mate.

More tommorow

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