Lord Ashcroft’s ‘links’ with disgraced PM of British territory hit by corruption scandal

Ooh oops, the same “Lord” Ashcroft who plays Santa Claus, and crime stoppers goody goody over here gets hit by another scandal. Nice idea that this scoundrel makes secret visits to our Prime minister Eh?

Companies linked to Tory billionaire Lord Ashcroft helped finance the lavish lifestyle of a disgraced leader of a corruption-mired British overseas territory, it was claimed today.

The Conservative Party deputy chairman’s British Caribbean Bank (BCB), run by his son Andrew, allegedly advanced a £3million loan to former Turks and Caicos prime minister Michael Misick.

Mr Misick, whose government on the British territory has been suspended by the Foreign Office amid corruption claims, also reportedly had a beachfront mansion built by a construction company associated with the peer.

Lord Ashcroft
Resigned: Former Turks and Caicos premier Michael Misick failed in the UK Court of Appeal earlier this week

Lord Ashcroft and former Turks and Caicos prime minister Michael Misick (right)

Lord Ashcroft, who has given the Tories more than £10million, is said to have extended loans via BCB of more than £200million to finance a development boom on the islands under Mr Misick’s rule.

Revelations of the links between the Ashcrofts and the former premier come amid a period of turmoil on the Caribbean islands.

The British Government has assumed direct rule in August following a report which found a culture of ‘political amorality’.

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