Bilderberger and closed-door meetings: European Union gets medieval with ultra-secret elections

If you don’t mind me asking: Who the fuck voted for this man to be the First President of the European Union. Nobody knew him until last week and in a whirl wind of sneaky secret meetings the man who said that every European should pay even more tax than they already do is made President.

By whom?


The EU is coming under fire for shunning democratic principles as candidates for top jobs assemble behind closed doors with secret societies as “selection day” approaches.

What does the ultra-secretive Bilderberger Club, Henry Kissinger, and closed-door meetings made up of anonymous politicians, bankers and industrialists have in common with transparency, democratic procedure and open societies?

If you answered ‘nothing’ you would find yourself in rather cozy company. In fact, the European Union’s secretive election process more resembles a Vatican conclave to elect a new pope than a modern experiment in democratic procedure. Indeed, the only thing the EU needs to do now is build a smokestack in Brussels so that a puff of smoke will tell us when their arcane ritual is complete (Note: a top-ranking EU official will defend the process behind the election process at the end of this article).

“After an introductory round of consultations with his fellow heads of state and government, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt [who holds the EU rotating presidency] has decided to convene an extra informal summit on 19 November,” the EU confirmed in a statement.

At the “extra informal” summit [Read: 5-course dinner], the heads of state and government from 27 EU member states will appoint the president of the European Council, high representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, and secretary-general for the Council Secretariat.

These are three new top EU posts that have been created by the Lisbon Treaty, which will go into force on Dec. 1, 2009 in an effort to bolster the 27-nation bloc’s influence on the international stage. The high level of secrecy surrounding the elections is especially ironic when we consider that the Lisbon Treaty was ostensibly designed to “make the EU more democratic, transparent, and accountable.”

The EU election announcement sparked a frenzy of political activity across the Continent, as politicians dashed off to promote themselves before the cream of the crop of European society.

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The international power elite doesn’t even keep up pretences any more. While in America they still have to buy the elections, in Europe they just go for a 5 course dinner and slap each other on the back and appoint a nobody who will do their bidding.

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