You need the ETS, Key warns farmers

In a classic case of blunt manipulation John Key implements the international Banking carbon tax scam.

We need the ETS because if we don’t accept it it will cost us our reputation as “green” (Blackmail). It is not as much as under labour (Trust us) and besides we just found  $ 60 billion worth of oil so what’s the problem (dangling carrot).

How convenient that we have oil all of a sudden to cover the added Carbon tax debt or are we going to pay ETS tax to extract that too?

Prime Minister John Key warned farmers yesterday that they rejected a response to climate change at their peril – endangering their reputations, future incomes and the economy at the hands of powerful global consumers.

He gave a hard-hitting speech yesterday in Wellington to the Federated Farmers’ National Council.

“Our international reputation with our overseas consumers is at stake,” he said.

“As a trading nation we simply cannot afford to get it wrong.”

While the Government had some sway over access to overseas markets, it could not force consumers to buy New Zealand products if they did not think they measured up to their environmental standards.

“But we can help protect against that possibility. That’s what we believe our emissions trading scheme does and I hope you will see it in that light.”

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