Just some New Zealand headlines

This morning as I do every morning I connected to the Stuff page and the NZH page and read the main news articles.

Today I thought I’d mention some of them.

Like this one: The SIS gives the universities guidelines on how to find students who might be involved with developing Weapons of mass destruction through “illicit science“. What the f*&k?
They even admit that no such thing has ever happened but now teachers and professors have to spy on their students and alert the SIS if they even so much as suspect something.

And what the hell is illicit science?

Here is another one: NZ is the least corrupt country in the world.

I’m sure that is a great relieve to us. Bill double Dipton English and Rodney “I can’t live without my squeeze by my side” Hide weren’t deliberately rorting us, that was not corruption. That was just politicians using their perks.

And what about this one: Ministers take another look at the motorbike levies. Funny that.

It’s apparently one thing to victimise rape victims again by making them go through a humiliating “are you really traumatised by having been violently taken against your will by a total stranger who threatened to kill you if you tried to get away” procedure but to charge a levy from big burly motorbike riders who show up by the thousands when asked to pay a levy for the fact that they wilfully take more risks with their transport than other road users is another.








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