Be rich and we’ll grant you an immediate permanent residency

I have been married to a Kiwi for 22 years and we have lived together for all that time and just bought a house together. I have lived here for four years never taken a cent from the community and been for all intends and purposes a solid and positive member of my community and I still don’t have a permanent residency .

Now all you have to do is be rich and create three jobs and you’re in like Flynn. Well we all know that rich people need a butler, chauffeur and a full time gardener so that should not be a problem. Especially when you consider that with the recession there are a lot of unemployed in need of a subservient low paying job.

So while the US and with that the worlds economy is collapsing we are to be the “save” islands far away from possible social unrest when the great unwashed are finally waking up to the grand robbery that has been perpetrated upon then while the perpetrators hide out here.

Thousands of wealthy foreigners are lining up to move here, just weeks out from the introduction of business migration laws that will grant them residency almost immediately.

Under a new Entrepreneur Plus immigration category – effective on November 30 – entrepreneurial migrants who create at least three fulltime jobs and invest $500,000 in their business will be offered a fast track to residency.

Currently, entrepreneur migrants are issued with a long-term business permit and can apply for residency only after two years.

Although there is no minimum investment capital required, neither is there a guarantee their residency application will be approved.

The new scheme will grant conditional residence virtually as soon as an application is made.

“There is no time requirement that you must have operated your business for to be successful under this category,” the Immigration New Zealand website says.

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