Remember the Cross found in the “Pile”?

“The Cross is not about religion, it’s about faith. About faith, love and hope”. Frank Silecchia. (The man who found the cross in the Pile)

Do you remember the cross found in the “pile”? Frank Sileccia, one of the first responders found a cross in the pile in the days after the events of 9/11. It became a symbol of hope and for many the sign that God responded to their prayers.

The cross was formed as two pieces of steel melted together in the intense heat which caused the buildings to collapse into their own footprint within 10 and 11 seconds. Heuh?

The pieces which had not been part of an original structure had melted together as they fell down to the ground and the piece of metal draped over one of the arms was another piece of melted steel caught over the arm as it fell.

So this cross  is a witness to the heat and the speed with which the heat was generated. It was hot enough to weld steel. How in heavens name can an entire building become so hot so quick that it can melt two steel beams together in seconds while thundering to the ground at freefall speed.

Especially since most of the steel was transported to China and had to be melted in special super hot ovens in order to be prepared to be used in a US battleship.

Frank Silecchia would like those questions answered too.

Thank you Frank, for being out there with us.


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