About that ship build from “9/11” Steel or how cynical can you get?

In my previous post I mention the ship partly build from the steel salvaged from the steel from the collapsed twin towers.

In this post I would like to elucidate on some of the troubling aspects of how this ship came about and how being able to build this ship and use it as a war ship flies in the face of the new physics rules set on that day.

In the weeks after the attacks of 9/11 something remarkable happened. Something that perhaps one day will be recognised for what it really was: The destruction of the biggest crime scene the city of New York had ever seen.

Three, amongst which the two highest towers ever build, had collapsed in freefall speed after having been attacked by two Boeing 727’s flown by 8 young Saudi hijackers who had captuered the planes with nothing more than a couple of box cutters. They had done so because another Saudi lining in a cave in Afhganistan had told them to do so.

The steel from those buildings which had “miraculously” snapped all welds simultaneously to facilitate the free fall speed of 10, 11 and 6 seconds. The length of the steel parts which fell to the ground had equally simultaneously been approximately the same length and was amazingly of the length needed to load them on big trucks to cart them of to China.

In a spontaneously patriotic gesture it was suggested the steel be used to build a warship to fight the enemy over there so the Americans did not have to fight it at home and so it happened.

A magnificent warship only last week entered the harbour of New York to be Christened the MS New York. Grey, Sleek and Invincible and of next year it will travel to far away places to fight “terrorism”.

But something troubles me with all this.

This is after all the steel which did not hold together when a plane build from aluminium filled with a puny amount of kerosene, most of which burned of outside of the buildings within an hour of impact completely lost all its strength!

Within seconds!

Not only that the concrete in which it had been embedded was equally weak in the face of a lightweight aluminium structure hitting it. Even though as the engineers had claimed it had been reinforced and designed to handle just that!

And now this same mysteriously weak steel has been used to build a warship.

A war ship which is supposed to withstand the impacts of explosives, bombs and other ordinance. This ship who will operate in war zones in which it will undoubtedly be attacked with all those young, patriotic souls on it.

Don’t they understand that if all it takes is for two Boeing 727’s loaded with Kerosene to collapse three huge steel framed buildings in freefall speed. the ship build from that same steel won’t stand a chance if a 500 ton Depleted Uranium bomb is dropped on it.

If it responds in the same way it did when embedded in the concrete of the twin towers when hit by planes the parts of the ship build from the twin tower steel will vaporise within seconds upon impact. Imagine; the entire bow of the ship will disappear in seconds. A ship without a bow will sink in seconds. Doesn’t that strike you as incredibly irresponsible to use steel that has a proven track record of disobeying the laws of Physics as we have known them for ever?

Am I alone in observing that there is something either miraculous or something very cynical going on?





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