I like Hone and why he should stay.

I don’t know the man personally but hope to one day shake his hand. I like his stance, his total disregard for political speak and his brutal honesty.

Which is funny since I am as white and middle class as it comes and my ancestors were responsible for the word “apartheid”.

But compared to the glib, hypocritical, disingenuous demeanour of your average National minister and our not so esteemed Bankster Prime Minister he is an absolute breath of fresh air.

I say you go Hone and oh, offer to pay back what you spend on a tiki tour to Paris (beautiful city Eh?) only and only if Double Dipton English pays back the hundreds of thousands of NZ’s tax dollars he falsely claimed for his house in Wellington and all those other piggies (thanks for that list Standard) at the trough do the same.

As for the white mother fucker thing: If my husband got a dollar for every utterance of discrimination against Maori by many of the Pakeha workers he has met in the last four years we could have travelled a fair amount of times to Paris and back. So be my guest if it makes you feel better and if and when we meet I’ll shout you beer, that is if you’ll have it with a white middle class female toa iwi. LOL.

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