The last days of the empire

The elite on last days of the Roman empire were narcissistic and utterly depraved and decadent and it is hard not to draw parallels with the current wave of elitist decadence and the demise and destabilisation of our economies.

With wars waged by the ruling elite to conquer the remaining resources, corrupt appropriation of our tax dollars  and the attacks on any form of compassion and communal care for the sick, the elderly and the poor we are currently observing  the end of the western civilisation as we know while the celebrities and the minions of the rich party through vast fortunes and we the “normal” people, the workers, the farmers, those of us who make ends meet are being systematically robbed of all the values we hold dear, of whatever little bits of savings we managed to put aside for a rainy day.

I am not opposed to parties whether they be Halloween or Christmas or our birthdays and I’m happy if that includes dressing up and making merry with food and drink but if you just take a look around the world how our obscenely rich elite with their minions celebrate in decadent opulence while millions of people perish in their wars of greed and conquest I feel ill and the Guillotine is beginning to become very atractive in my eyes again.

Here are some links to Halloween parties around the world. Here, here, here and here.

This and this is what some rich people consider to be an OK sum to spend on a mere restaurant meal.

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