Afghanistan, a lost war and the low morale of the troops that have to fight it.

Yesterday a bomb exploded in Peshawar, Pakistan. It killed 91 people mostly women and children who were at a market. Another bomb exploded in Afghanistan, in the heart of Kabul. It killed 19 people, mostly UN workers wh0 were living in the guest house which was targeted by the “Taliban”.

New Zealand troops have been send into the gold standard of all Quagmires for nothing more than John Key’s street cred. What do I mean by that?

John Key wants to play with the big boys. He wants after his stint as our MP helping the big boys with the looting of this country to leave these Islands and make bucket loads of money and he has to prove he has the balls to be accepted by the international murderous elite. So they say, as with every gang initiation, you can prove you’re game by giving us a couple of dead bodies. Guess who are going to be those dead bodies. Yep, New Zealand’s finest: young well trained New Zealand men who should be with their families in the service of the protection of these Islands instead of in the Quagmire that is the war in Afghanistan. But instead they will come back in body bags all so John Key can climb another step in the Bankster gang.

Never mind that troops on the ground are losing their morale and feel that their presence in Afghanistan serves only to prolong the war and does nothing to help the people of Afghanistan.

Never mind that the US is engaged in illegal acts of aggression and extra judicial murder in Pakistan with drone attacks which are the cause of huge collateral damage (that is the murder of innocent bystanders such as children and women)

Never mind that the generals of both the US and the UK in Afghanistan all say that the war is going to last at least another 10-20 years.

Never mind that the CIA is torturing people to the point of death and kept them alive just so they could torture them some more or that the brother of the Karzai, Afghanistan’s corrupt president, is on the pay list of the CIA and also one of the biggest drug lords in that god forsaken country

John Key will disappear after his stint as NZ PM  into the blue yonder over the bodies of those troops to become even more obscenely rich and he will do so over the bodies of those young men he send to Afghanistan.

You mark my words.

2 thoughts on “Afghanistan, a lost war and the low morale of the troops that have to fight it.

  1. “John Key’s street cred.” Yeah, what DO you mean. He wasn’t PM when Willie Apiata earned his VC. He wasn’t PM when my son served in Afghanistan. My nephew is in Bamian now and there is no sense of lost or lowering morale from he or his men. Are you somehow mixing the pots you are using to paint this picture?

    • hi there,

      Thank you for commenting on my blog. I have visited your blog and it is a very nice and personal blog.
      Let me respond to your comment in I hope a respectful way.

      I have no problems with courage and respect those who show their courage in joining a group of people who are dedicated to keeping us save from invaders. I do have however a huge problem with those people being used in wars of aggression under false pretences.

      I hope that we would both agree that if 911 was not perpetrated by 19 young Muslim extremists and if no Afghans were involved in 911 then we should not have attacked their country. remember we went there in the aftermath of an alleged attack on the US and in order to catch the “Villain” who orchestrated these attacks. 9 years later the Villain is still not caught and while the perpetrators were Saudis and not Afghans we are still involved with aggression towards this country.

      Three buildings collapsed in New York on that day in free fall speed into their own footprint. Only two planes were involved and yet we are to believe that these three buildings were able to defy all laws of physics.

      If we are right and those attacks were not the result of a terrorist attack but an orchestrated event by people who had the power to stand down the US Air force and had access to rig those buildings than aren’t you incredibly scared your nephew is in the wrong place at the wrong time because he had the courage to stand up for his country. And if we are right and the laws of Physics have proven us right than shouldn’t your nephew be back here were he belongs instead of in a Depleted Uranium poisoned country involved in a crime against humanity?

      And yes, I have the same problems with NZ and Dutch (where I’m from) soldiers involved in the wars of Aggression whether they are send by Labour or whatever party happens to be in power. As far as I’m concerned Helen Clark should be in the Hague as should the Dutch Prime minister who stands accused of lying to the government in order to be able to involve the Dutch in these hideous wars.

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