Do you feel manipulated by any chance? I know I do.

Yesterday I zapped passed NZTV only to zap away quickly again when I saw Bill English’s ugly mug spread all over the screen. I don’t know about you but doesn’t it strike you as odd that a disgraced financial predator who shamelessly rorted the system for his own benefit (including an extra $ 20.- cleaning money) is now being promoted as the defender of good old fashioned economic values and is given 135 minutes of free air time?

If a minister can promote himself so shamelessly on a government owned TV sender without any balancing views what does that say of the state of independence of that sender? A minister in a powerful position he has seen fit to abuse for years and now in a powerful position to promote his political agenda without any opposition spells the end of independent news gathering and information. It spells PROPAGANDA in big ugly capitals. It spells MANIPULATION and the pushing through of unpopular “YES, WE CAN” measures that you and I will feel in our wallets but which will make the rich of this country and the rich of the international elite richer.

If you feel manipulated with the appearance of Bill English on TV like he did yesterday that is because you are.

Labour is crying foul over a TVNZ promotional advertisement in which Finance Minister Bill English appears as the poster boy for a series of programmes on the economy.

The 60-second promo has screened on some prime-time shows, including One News, and features Mr English talking about his hopes for the economy and how New Zealand can grow out of recession.

He ends by saying “We’re nearly through the tough times and things are looking up … together, us Kiwis can do it.”

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