Taliban increases in strength

9 years ago the coalition of the killing willing ousted the Taliban with a mere 10.000 troops. Today more than 65.000 foreign troops are stationed in Afghanistan there are even more than that in Mercenary numbers and still most of the Country is under Taliban control. Does that sound like “we ” won the war to you?

Not only that but the number of Taliban warriors is growing there are now 25.000 full time warriors and many more “part time” warriors.

McCrystal, Obama’s hand picked head thug wants 65.000 more troops to impose total control over some 30 million people and Obama is stepping up the attacks with unmanned drones into Pakistan even though it kills a lot of innocent people. This will only help increase the numbers of the Taliban as people loose loved ones and take up a gun for revenge.

McCrystal may not get 65.000 troops but 45.000 are being discussed.

Pakistan is claiming some “victories” against the Taliban while they attack Taliban strongholds with another 30.000 troops.

No empire ever won in Afghanistan. John Key proclaiming eminent victory in 18 months is a joke designed to keep the gullible New Zealand public from asking serious questions about our involvement.

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