Historic 9/11 Debate with Bigard, Laurent, Kassovitz and Harrit on French TV

While here in New Zealand we still believe in the sugar coated version that 19 bad Muslims flew two planes into buildings collapsing three buildings into a pyroclastic flow in freefall speed and while planes were able to do that in New York a plane disintegrated into a vapour when it collided with the Pentagon and brave passengers brought down a plane to save their fellow Americans after they phoned their loved ones  with phones that could not have transmitted from the hight they were flying all the while uninterrupted by the most well armed army in the world because they were “confused” for more than two hours the rest of the world including the people of the United States are waking up to the real horror of that day:

The three WTC buildings were blown up with Nano and normal Thermite. We don’t know what really happened at the Pentagon because we are not allowed to see the hundreds of video’s and whatever happened to flight 93 we don’t know but no plane crashed into that field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

You have until October 28 to learn French because French TV France 2’s L’objet du scandalewith Guillaume Durand will air a historic debate over the official version of the 9/11 events.

On one side: 4 people with the hard task to defend the official version. On the other side, Jean-Marie BigardMathieu Kassovitz, Éric Laurent and special guest Niels Harrit will tell France and the world why they don’t support the official theory and why they find it disturbing.

This is already a victory for the Bigard/Kassovitz camp who challenged the French media to organize a fair debate over 9/11 after being vilified by many French journalists because of their positions on 9/11. They have been called many names and even received dead threats. But no serious journalist was able to challenge them on their positions and to seriously make a case against them. Now will be their chance, and like Bigard mentions in the below video, “good luck to them.”

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