Did the US just attack Iran?

Jundullah a group closely linked to al Qaeda and based in Pakistan claimed the responsibility for the suicide attack which killed six Iranian top commanders and several tribal Sunny and Shia chiefs.

While in the Western press Jundullah is without fail painted as a Sunni resistance group intend on defending or liberating the Sunni minority it is a group funded by the CIA according to several news sources.

The U.S. government effectively attacked Iran yesterday after its proxy terror group Jundullah launched a suicide bomb attack against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard at their headquarters in Pishin, near the border with Pakistan.

Leaders of the Al-Qaeda affiliated Sunni terrorist group Jundullah have claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in Iran that killed over 40 people yesterday. The group is funded and trained by the CIA and is being used to destabilize the government of Iran, according to reports out of the London Telegraph and ABC News.

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