As the US dollar goes so does New Zealand

With our complete and utter acceptance that the dollar is the Reserve Currency we are linking the demise of New Zealand’s economy to the sinking Empire of America.

We hold on to our US dollars and with the acceptance of the 9 billion dollar bribe of the Federal Reserve of New York in October 2008 we condemned our own economy to death.

In South America they have created a new Currency to replace the Dollar it’s called the “Sucre“.

Iran has announced that it will completely remove the dollar trade from it’s Foreign Exchange and is making trade deals to sell oil for Rubbles with Russia. China and Russia will be trading in their own currencies for Gas and Oil and Forex traders are leaving all currencies for Gold.

John Key is preparing the sell off of our Resources in the few remaining wildernesses of our Islands to his rich mates and will disappear to Hawaii after he’s finished and you my dear Kiwi’s are going to be left with a devastated economy and a devastated Ecology and if you protest you will be devastated by the new toys your military wants.

Well done

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