Drink raises risk of harm for young, ministry says

No, drink does not raise risk of harm for the young.

Uneducated, shame filled binge drinking raises the risk of harm for the young.

Why don’t they have the same problems in the Mediterranean countries while their children drink alcohol from as young as 10 years old?

Because everybody who does drink can do so without guild and with the enjoyment of good food and good company and they educate their children to do so too. They teach them that alcohol is a pleasant addition to good food and good company, not something to go ballistic with as soon as you reach the age of consent.

They are also taught that if they drink in moderation (lots of water on the side too) they are a much wanted part of the family no matter what their age and not like in New Zealand that horrible adolescent same filled no gooder I seem to encounter here so often.


Young people are more at risk than other groups of harm related to drinking alcohol, a Ministry of Health survey says.

The Alcohol Use in New Zealand report issued yesterday said Maori men and women, Pacific men, and people living in poorer areas were also likely to suffer harm from their own or others’ drinking.

Nearly 7000 people aged between 16 and 64 were asked about how often they drank, whether they had suffered harm related to drinking and if they had sought any help about their drinking.

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