Mining in our reserves? It was only a matter of time: meet the third board member of Cosby and Textor

For all of those appalled by the suggestion that we should start mining in New Zealand’s reserves I have to say it was only a matter of when not if when National was voted in. Remember the PR team John Key phoned the moment he was nominated to run for National? Yep you got it. Cosby and Textor. The Tory boys who have kept our NWO boy out of trouble.

As I pointed out well before the election the board of C&T has a third board member. In fact he is the chairman of their board. His name is Robert Champion de Crespigny, AC. Mr de Crispigny is also a board member of a neo-liberal think tank in Sydney who surprise surprise also has a special page for it’s think tank activities in New Zealand with on that same board a lady who is well known for her Ruthanasia activities in the early 90ties. Yep you got it in one Ruth Richardson.

Mr de Crispigny is a very rich man. He is a very powerful man and a man who usually gets what he wants.

What does he want? well, since he made his money digging up half of Australia mining for gold and other resources my guess would be that he is the driving force for the destruction of New Zealand’s reserves and my guess is that John Key will give him what he wants. He knows after all how dire the financial situation of New Zealand really is. What with borrowing 9 billion dollars from the Federal Reserve of New York in October 2008 already.

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