Afghanistan,Iran and the Jewish question.

Our claim to this land could be put in a nutshell: God does not exist, and he gave us this land. Israeli professor sarcastic remark on why the Jews are entitled to Israel.

Yesterday another bid was made to make Ahmadinajad look like a rabid Jew hater when it was “revealed” that his parents had converted to Islam but that they were Jewish until then.

This is clearly an attempt to liken Ahmadinajad to Hitler who also was alleged to have been a Jew hater because he had Jewish ancestors.

So tell me one thing; if we “liberated” Afghanistan eight years ago why is there still only one Jew living in that country which once had a Jewish population of over 40.000 and why is the biggest Jewish population out side of Israel in any Islamic country still living in Iran and happy to be so.

And while we’re at it why doesn’t Ahmadinajad have no problems meeting with Orthodox Jewish men on  a number of occasions and has even been known to have donated money to a Jewish hospital in Teheran?

The truth is that Muslims see Jews and Christians as adhering to the same faith and have lived with Jews in peace throughout their history while it was European Christians who hated the Jews and tried to exterminate them.

This is an interesting article about Zionism written by a Jewish gentleman, and why it will in the end do exactly what Ahmadinajad really said. It will destroy the Israeli state from the inside out because it is racist and destructive and not because Ahmadinajad wants to wipe it of the map of the earth.

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